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[ShopLyfter] Aria Valencia (Case No. 7906229 – The Repressed Thief / 01.20.2023)


Aria is taken for interrogation under shoplifting suspicions. Officer Clarke performs a thorough process to find out who she is and what she has taken. After stripping Aria and doing a full cavity search, she seems clear, but Clarke detects her hiding a perfume bottle in a drawer when he leaves the room for a couple of minutes. Aria quickly breaks down and tells Clarke that she comes from a very conservative family, and her father doesn’t allow her to wear a lot of makeup. She confesses trying to steal a perfume bottle from the mall to at least feel like other girls her age. Luckily, Clarke is understanding of her situation, offering her a mutually beneficial agreement. Aria takes her way out by giving the officer a nice blowjob and riding his cock.








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