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[SportAcademy] Kiara Minami (Baseball Fan Kiara Minami Has A Coach That Helps Get Her Body Ready For Play / 02.08.2021)


Today we have our sexy baseball Fan – Miss Kiara Minami doing some training with us today. She loves softball and enjoys the game so much she will do as much training as is necessary to get better. She has a love for the game and has come to her coach to ask for his help in improving her skills so that she can be a better player and teammate. Since her coach wants her to succeed he has agreed to show her a few things so that she can improve. This is going to be some hands on help and he really thinks that his up close personal help will show her some proper techniques that will make her feel better about herself and how she plays the game. He starts out showing her how she should stand. He grabs his bat and points out problems she has in her batting stance. He uses this bat to lift her skirt and point out how good she looks under her skirt with her new stance. He then proceeds to show her how tough her chest must be if she is to hit home runs. He has Kiara take off her top so he can see how she holds the bat and she should stand up straight. He grabs her tits and gives them a good squeeze as he instructs her in the way to swing the bat for a proper form. Kiara is so ready to get better as a player that she does anything that her coach asks. Kiara ha a great sexy body and she is going to use it so she can be a better player. Her coach today wants to help train her body to be better and he is going to ask her to spread her legs so he can inspect that hot wet pussy she hides in her panties. The coach also offers his cock to her to suck on so she can have a hard rod to practice with. Kiara gets a nice hot fuck in the locker room before the game as the coach loves to help all his players get better.












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