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[SweetheartVideo] Jaclyn Taylor, Liv Wild (Lesbian Adventures Older Women Younger Girls Vol. 14 Scene 4 – Twinning / 04.09.2020)


Joey (Liv Wild) finds her sister requests very strange and something feels wrong, so she decides to go home a bit earlier and try to find out what’s wrong. When she arrives at the house, she catches her sister Sami (Liv Wild) in bed with her stepmom Sarah (Sarah Vandella). Joey is furious, she sleeps with her stepmom, and cheated on Jaclyn (Jaclyn Taylor), but more than anything she lies to her. The next day, Joey visits her sister in her room, she wants to give her one last chance to fix what she did, but Sami just act like nothing happened. Joey decides to teach her a lesson. She finds Jaclyn’s address, steals her sister’s clothes and leaves for a surprise visit to her sexy sister’s girlfriend. When Jaclyn opens the door, she doesn’t recognize Joey. When she goes down on her, she smiles for once. It’s fun to be mistaken for her own sister.


Pornstars: Jaclyn Taylor, Liv Wild