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[SweetheartVideo] Kenna James, Skye Blue (Girls Kissing Girls 25 Scene 1 – Last Night / 05.04.2020)


Jackie (Kenna James) wakes up alone in a bed she doesn’t know. She looks around and no sign of her partner. She looks confused and tries to remember what happened last night, when her cellphone rings. It’s her fiance, he wants to know if everything is okay, she never answered her phone last night he calls her multiple time. Jackie tries to calm the situation when Veronica (Sky Blue) enters the room with two coffees and some croissants. She smiles at Jackie, she smiles back but still no memories of last night. She hangs up with her fiance and turns her attention to the beautiful blonde sitting on the bed beside her. Veronica gives her coffee and thanks her for last night, Jackie is embarrassed she confesses not remembering last night. Veronica smiles and gives her a deep kiss, slowly all the memories of that torrid night come back.


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Pornstars: Kenna James, Skye Blue