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[SweetheartVideo] Whitney Wright, Mackenzie Moss (Squirting Lesbians 3 Scene 1- I See You! / 04.13.2020)


Whitney (Whitney Wright) believes she still has some time alone before her stepsister Mackenzie (Mackenzie Moss) comes back from school. Alone in her room with her legs spread, Whitney slides her finger inside her wet pussy. Meanwhile, Mackenzie comes back from school. She drops her back and sits on the couch in the living room. Slowly the quiet living room is filled with moaning and attracts the attention of her curious sister. Mackenzie follows the noise and stops in front of Whitney’s room. She looks inside the room discreetly and she witnesses something she never saw. She sees her sister squirt. Intrigued and nosy she enters her room and she’s determined to learn more about this new discovery.




Pornstars: Mackenzie Moss, Whitney Wright