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[SweetSinner] India Summer (My Girlfriends Mother / 04.11.2020)


Joselyn (India) and her cameraman, Tom (Small Hands), find themselves alone in a film location after their interview subject cancels on them. Joselyn can’t pay Tom for the day. He is in debt to her for all the opportunities she has given him, but he also can’t keep working for her, for free. She can’t let him go. He is the only stable person holding her film, and her together. So, instead of sending him home empty handed, she decides to make use of the empty location by pulling his thick cock out of his tick pants and slipping it into her warm mouth. She then bends over and spreads her holes for Tom to take what he wants. He pounds her again and again as she begs for more. They each get out all of the sexual tension that had been building between them for years.


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