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[TeamSkeetLabs] Penelope Kay, Nicole Aria (Concept: Fluffers / 12.21.2021)


Ever heard of a fluffer before? Well, the fluffer is a mythical figure who has been around since the inception of adult entertainment. Pervert pioneers used to gather ‘round the fire, telling tales of the beautiful but elusive minxes whose entire existence was to get male talent ready for their scenes. Even today, you can still find rumors of the fluffers, their legacy living ever onward. Of course, fluffers aren’t actually real, but hell, that isn’t stopping us from making a Team Skeet Lab about ‘em! For our latest experiment, Nicole Aria plays the role of the fluffer, while Penelope Kay is the contracted female talent. Today, Nicole will be fluffing Quinton James, who insists it’s better to have someone fluff you than it is to fluff yourself. But soon enough, Penelope thinks she should have a fluffer, too. So now Nicole is fluffing Quinton and Penelope at the same time. The group starts having a little too much fun, and it seems that they forget they have a film to shoot. One thing is for sure—Nicole is definitely the best fluffer in the business!










Pornstars: Nicole Aria, Penelope Kay

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