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[TeamSkeetXJamesDeen] April O’Neil (April O’Neil Massaged, Seduced And Fucked By James Deen / 08.31.2020)


A scantily clad April O’Neil poses for the camera. Wearing a short, white tank top that hung a few inchers higher over her tits, and grey graphic knickers, she showed off her lovely body and her smokin’ hot curves well. Her short bob was curled and she raised her arms to reveal her nipples and her nice tight arms. Someone’s been working out. She stared sensually into the camera. Her beauty is simple and captivating. She had the kind of allure that was effortless, irresistible and subtly commanding. Her smile made her eyes gleam with pure joy. Her nipples showed little by little, the higher she raised her arms. April was enjoying the moment. The camera loved her! She knew just the right poses to accentuate her hot bod. She played around with her top to reveal her nipples and her cleavage. She gamely bit her lip, and even went for a close-up shot of her ass, her pussy, and her boobs. When she stripped off her garments (if you could even count those as garments!) she looked even lovelier and free. The video immediately cuts to the next scene. April O’Neil is naked and lying face down on a bed of white sheets. She is resting her head against her hand as she enjoys a nice, soothing massage. A pair of big hands with hairy arms rubs oil over her back, around her thighs, near her pussy, on the soles of her feet, and on her plump butt cheeks. She is then asked to turn around so now she is facing her masseuse. Her eyes were still closed. Her masseuse, who turned out to be James Deen, slowly but steadily ran his fingers along her thighs. He slid a hand over her pussy before carefully running his fingers along her pussy lips. James plants a kiss over April’s parted lips while he continued to rub her growing wet love hole. He rubbed and rubbed until he finally could not contain his strong desire. His hand was now replaced by his head, and he pushed his tongue over, in and out of April’s pussy. April jolted and moaned in a delightful shock. He stared at his celebrity crush immensely as his tongue ravaged her clit. He sucked her pussy juices and it left April speechless and dazed. James moved over to kiss her once again, letting her taste her sinful juices. April sat on the bed, and James stood behind her. One hand grabbed her tit while the other fingered her roughly. They were only doing foreplay and she was already soaked to the core. In a matter of minutes, James, too, was stark naked. He was still standing, although April was lying face down once more, facing the direction of James. She was giving him head. Boy, did she show no restraint! Her tongue circled his dick wildly. She expertly rubbed his cock then took him into her mouth fully. She sucked him hard and he could feel the back of her throat at the tip of his dick. He was massive yet she was able to take his entire length into her potty mouth. They kissed sensually, James gripping her chin and pushing her tongue with his. As their lips and tongues clashed, April locked his erection in between her juicy tits. Wanting to double her sexual anticipation, James rubbed his fingers over and inside her pussy once more, before French kissing her and pushing her back down on the bed. He then steadies his shaft along her drenched entrance. Then, he pushed his cock inside her as his mouth find its way over her nipples. He slid his dick inside and out of her pussy. She raised her left leg and placed it over James’ shoulder. It made him push in deeper and hit her G-spot. It was a dream come true! He rubbed his massive dick against her wet inner walls. It squeezed his cock tightly that James’ cock grew harder and harder the more he fucked her. April could only keep her mouth and her legs open as she allowed James to invade her horny pussy. April loved the feel of his cock inside her. Not wanting to bore her, James switched briefly to giving her oral. He made sure he pressed his tongue a little harder and did not waste even a drop of her pussy juice. Next, they made love in doggy position. April moaned loudly, prompting James to pumped deeper. She sucked his dick in between, though he instantly missed the sensation of her vagina. He fucked her with solid, full strokes. His dick was elated and she could hear him gasp her name. He was balls-deep inside his crush. As both lay on their sides, James continued to plummet into her core, his throbbing dick very visibly invading every inch of her pussy. April enjoyed the friction inside her pussy walls. His cock simply fit into her pussy like a glove. It made them move and moan in sync. They kissed and fucked like there was no tomorrow. Every position they tried gave a whole new wave of emotions. April sat over James in reverse-cowgirl style. She rode his dick and he, in turn, moved his hips up and down so that his cock filled every space inside of her love hole. Up and down they both went, enjoying each other’s company and sexual expertise. After a few solid rounds of explicit penetration, James makes April fall to her knees. He positions his cock over her mouth while he kept pleasuring her pussy with his fingers. Finally, he cums into her mouth and they both sit next to each other smiling and overwhelmingly gratified.


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