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[WebYoung] Sabina Rouge, Morgan Rain, Hazel Grace, Ashlee Juliet (Her First Pride / 06.12.2020)


It’s Hazel Grace’s first Pride as an out and proud lesbian! Although she’s been to Pride before, it was never as her true self, but now she’s going with her good friends Sabina Rouge, Morgan Rain, and Ashlee Juliet. As they deck themselves out with rainbow attire for the parade, Hazel admits that she’s feeling a bit nervous. Although she’s sure of her sexuality, she’s never actually BEEN with another girl before. What if girls flirt with her at the parade and she makes a complete fool of herself?? Fortunately, her friends have her back as they all insist that she’ll do fine! They even offer to give her a bit of experience beforehand to boost her confidence… With true friends like that, how can Hazel resist such an offer?? Hazel’s mind is blown as Sabina, Morgan, and Ashlee all show her the ropes of lesbian sex. She’s the center of attention as she’s fondled and eaten out while also tasting pussy herself for the first time as her friends take turns sitting on her face. With the fun just getting started, Hazel is finally getting the experience she’s always wanted!


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Pornstars: Ashlee Juliet, Hazel Grace

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Added: 2 years ago by Tulo
Runtime: 40

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