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[WetAndPuffy] Jesica Bell (Studio Seduction / 10.05.2022)


Gorgeous brunette Jesica Bell is in the studio for our latest Wet and Puffy scene and this tattooed hottie teases in a bodysuit that barely covers her ass! She squats and oils up her ass cheeks while we zoom in close on her curves before stripping to oil the rest of her toned body. Jesica rubs her juicy puffy pussy and slides an inflatable dildo into herself. As it sits inside her hole, this horny babe pumps it up, making it expand in her puffy pussy. Moving onto a black flogger dildo, Jesica whips her labia and pounds her snatch. She loves things a little kinky and Jesica bends over for some more pussy play. As Jesica lays on the floor, she fucks herself even quicker and makes herself orgasm with pleasure!








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